Dating Thai Women: Unlock the Secrets

We want to share with you some tips about dating and marrying Thai girls.

People have been dating Thai women for a long period of time

Numerous foreign men have been dating Thai women for a long period of time. Moreover, some studies suggest that foreigners have been dating Thai women for more than half a century.

1. Why People Like Thai women?

The number of foreign men who want to date Thai women will surely surprise you. What is the best way to find a perfect Thai girl?

However, we should not view this situation as a brand new concept, since there are numerous reports of foreigners dating Thai women from more than half a century.

If you are one of the numerous guys out there in search of a relationship, then you should know that there are certain methods that you can use:

The website that offer effective introduction to date attractive Thai women are very popular nowadays on the internet. Therefore, we can`t state that Thai women are not looking for foreign partners. There are also numerous websites that offer foreign people the chance to meet the Asian women. Interested to marry a Thai woman?

Date and Marry Thai Women

Date and Marry Thai Women








2. How to Meet Thai girls?

The most popular way for foreign men to meet and date Thai women would be to use a reliable website that is prepared to help them in their goal and which feature real Thai women.

Numerous individuals have already used an official website that offers Thai women to date in order to build strong long term relationships. Considering these studies, we can say that a lot more people will take advantage of this situation in the days to come.

However, in case you live in Thailand on in the areas that are highly populated by Thai people, your chances will increase considerably and your mission will be much easier.

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3. Date and Marry Thai Brides

You need to know that the road to meet and date a wonderful Thai woman can be really difficult, but it will also provide you with an enjoyable experience. Like in any other mission, you will have your ups and downs, but with a lot of persistence, you will surely reach your goal.

You will need to accept some specific foibles when it comes to dating Thai women, which is a task that can be compared to dating Asian women in general.

For more info, check out here.



The Most Adequate Methods to Meet Thai Women

Meeting Thai Girls is a very fun and interesting experiences.

It may be really easy to meet Thai women, in case you know how to do so! However, there are numerous methods that can help you along the way and make your journey of meeting Thai women much easier.

1. Meet Thai Girls-Step One

Your personal situations will influence the methods that you can use in order to meet new Thai women. Look at this article about Thai brides.

To be more precise, people who live in Thailand will have higher chances of success in meeting Thai women compared to the individuals that live in other parts of the world.

Meet Thai women

Meet Thai women

Using one of the numerous internet Thai dating sites is obviously another method that you can use in order to meet a Thai woman.

If we analyze the number of Asian woman marrying foreigners, we will discover the fact that the majority of them are from Thailand. This is also an interesting article about how to date and marry Thai women.


Women from this country are really easy to approach and they are also quite friendly, which adds to their exoticness and natural beauty. Thai women value a man`s character and caring abilities far more compared to their physical aspects, considering their Buddhist upbringing.

2. How to Spot Thai Women-Step Two

If you imagine for a moment that you are in Thailand for the holidays and you are interacting with Thai women each and every day, you will find it much easier to complement them and get their attention compared to the western girls that can take a compliment in a wrong way.

Considering the fact that the number of Thai women in your home country is going to be smaller, you will have less chances of dating one. Moreover, the Thai women living overseas may already have a local partner or they may be working on contract in relatively menial positions. However, the number of Thai communities in Australia and the US is constantly growing, and this can only increase your chances of success.

You will surely get to meet beautiful Thai women, regardless of the method that you prefer.

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Asian Wife

Learn How to Make your Asian Wife Happy

Today more and more foreigners are married to an Asian wife. Sure, most of the husbands want to make their wives happy. Well, consider yourself lucky today because I am going to unlock the secrets for you. Keep Reading!

What turns an Asian wife on?
Be a great person: In fact, wives in Asia almost weight on their boyfriend having a great heart inside as on his appearance. When an Asian girl searches a life partner, the way the man treats her and her family is the most important thing. If you have been to China or Thailand before, you know what I am talking about.

Good appearance matters to Asian wife?
I won’t like to your, almost everyone likes handsome guy and beautiful girls. But it doesn’t mean you can’t attract Asian women if you are not a very good lucking guy. In fact, besides the appearance, dressing properly and being neat and tidy is more important today. The key is always presenting yourself well when you are with your Asian wife.

Be a gentleman
Sometimes something common in the West becomes a definite advantage of dating Asian girls. Small gesture like opening the door, letting her go first into the meeting room are really attractive for Asian women. More importantly, showing your Asian girl enough respect will definitely enhance their desires to be with you.

Don’t do this with your Asian wife
In general, Asian women are pretty conservative when it comes to display affection in the public places like restaurant or theater. But, touching her arm or shoulder or holding your wife’s hands are acceptable. The goal is to let her know you really value her in the relationship.

What we shared in this article is pretty much common sense. You are the one who understand your Asian wife or girlfriend. Try different ways and you will find out which are works for your relationship.

Find Hong Kong Girl

Hong Kong Girls-Do you know what they like as a gift?

As Christmas is coming, you should start to think about what gifts you should buy for your Hong Kong Girl. If you are not what you should buy and what you should not buy, well, no worry, it this article, you will find the answer!

Why Hong Kong Girls like flowers?
If you have not dated your Hong Kong girlfriend for a very long, then you should consider sending her flowers first as a gift. Of course, you don’t want to send it to her in person. You should try to get to know her company address first, and then try to send her flowers on some special days like Valentines’ day or birthday. She will be very happy.

What if I don’t have so much money?
If might have heard that Hong Kong girls like LV, Prada etc. The answer is YES and NO. Sometimes a small affection to your Hong Kong girlfriends is important. Instead of a large presents, believe it or not, your Hong Kong woman won’t want to spend all of your money for the gifts if she is thinking about long term relationship.

What should I avoid to buy for my HK woman?
I heard this questions many times! There is one mistake westerners usually make when they buy gifts. In fact, you should not buy shoes for your girlfriend in HK. In China, shoes always mean to tell you “walk away”. So if you your girlfriend receive a pair of shoes from you as a gift, she will be upset because she thinks you want to break up with her. Do not make this mistake from now on.

If I am going to marry my HK girl soon, can you give me any good advice on gifts?
Well, first, congratulations! Tiffany is favored for accessories especially if you are in a very serious relationship. But it’s pretty expensive. So you have to know your budget first. Obviously, every Hong Kong girl is different; you might also need to ask your advice before you actually buy gifts to her.

I wish your all the best for your relationship with your Hong Kong girl, and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions in the future about Asian dating.

Taiwanese wife

Dating Taiwanese Girls: What Are They Different Today?

I often receive many questions like this: do you think Taiwanese girls are traditional or modern? I can’t help to smile to myself. Let me try you why. Though I am not going to debate the advantage and disadvantage of each type, we will look into the question to see what is different for Taiwanese girl today.

I am not sure if you have been in Taiwan or not. Before we discuss different types of Taiwanese girls, we want you to know each girl in Taiwan is different, just like any other people all over the world. But we do hope the advice below can help you to find your true love in Taiwan or Asia. We understand it’s not easy for foreigners to get started when they are in the whole new country.

What you should know about dating in Taiwan? I guess you are interested in dating Taiwanese girls or looking for a life partner in Taiwan. So no matter she is traditional or modern type of Taiwanese girl, the most important tip is always to know about yourself and understand what type of girl is suitable for you.

Traditional and Modern Taiwanese girls: What is the difference? Let us look at what are the characteristics of traditional and modern girls in Taiwan in most people’s eye.

In my opinion, traditional Taiwanese girl are often described as humble and shy, loyal to her boyfriend, and will do whatever it takes to support the family. Maybe, they are not very sociable?

OK, and then let’s talk about “modern” Taiwanese women. They are usually very outgoing, well educated. They might have studied in the West before. Career oriented. They are emotionally or financially independent. In some examples, they are not hurry to have children depends on their life style.

Without a doubt, we can not exactly put the label on each type of Taiwanese girls. The bottom line is there are not any Taiwanese girls today who can fit into those categories. It’s very lucky for you if you can find some, but they are definitely not a lot.

In conclusion, I know in today’s fast paced society, Taiwanese women are different from they were a decade ago, not only physically, but also mentally. I wish you good luck to find your love in Taiwan. And we can’t wait you to hear your love stories with your Asian woman in the future.

Date and Marry Thai Women

Where to Find Asian Wife?

Recently we received many questions about how to find Asian wife step by step. Well, today we are going to show you some great places to help you find your dream Asian girl. And feel free to let us know if any more questions.

But some facts that foreign men did not notice when they start their love journey in Asia. That is today you can find all sorts of Asian women in one place. Let me explain, say you are in Beijing right now; you will find women from Shanghai or Guangzhou. Or if you are in Hong Kong, you might find women from Thai or Japan. And sometimes it’s difficult to tell from the look about where they are from. For example, Korean girls and Chinese girls quite look alike.

The key is, if you pay attention and do some homework before your search for Asian wife, you can still know which country they are from. Let’s say a girl from Manila, are more likely to be a bit taller and slightly paler skinned than other girls from other parts of the country. There are couples of reasons for that. It’s because their lifestyle, great food, and of course less exposure to the sun.

Today it’s easier for people travel around the world. As you can see, the great increase in the numbers for international dating. As a result, there are more women of mixed races. In fact, lots of these mixed babies are pretty good looking-Due to inherit the best traits from their parents. Many of them are working in the entertainment industry or modeling agencies after they grow up.

So we have a huge variety of beautiful women in almost every Asian country. Let me give your background information here and hopefully it’s easier for you to get started.

Guangzhou: The city that locates in the southern China. Guangzhou women are relatively slim. They are usually pretty well educated and good at speaking English.

Shenzhen: An immigrant city that have women coming from all around China. The city is very modern and is one of the favorite city for foreigners in China.

Jakarta: Seriously beautiful girls from Indonesia. It’s a complete range of all ethnicities.

Seoul: What is special about Korean girl is their style and they way they look. They are also opened to the western culture.

Tokyo: What makes Japanese women famous is their demure temperament and beautiful looks. Terrific!

Last but not least, what we want to point out here is no matter where are you going in Asia, we are confident you can find your dream girl. Start your journey today!

dating Taiwanese girls

Dating Taiwanese Girls: Change For the Good?

I think if you have been dating Taiwanese girls before, you know today Taiwanese girls are a lot different from 10 or 15 years ago. While somebody still debate the pros and cons over the traditional and modern Taiwanese women, it seems very interesting to me. However today, I want to show you some of my opinion. Hopefully it’s helpful for your future relationship in Taiwan. Let’s get started!

What type of Taiwanese women do you prefer? Instead of endless debate between traditional and modern girls in Taiwan, let’s ask ourselves a more important question: do you know what type of girl you like? It’s not important if she is A or B type. The key is if she is suitable you, for the long term.

What you should know about Taiwanese girls and foreign men. Still, you can see almost all over the internet about the stories between Taiwanese girls and foreign men. You need to learn how to identify the truths and non-truths. If you only know about Taiwanese girl via Taiwan TV talk show, you need to know most of the time the way Taiwanese girl behave on those shows are mainly for entertaining the audience. So do not take it too seriously.

What is the difference between Traditional and Modern Taiwanese girls? Firstly let’s look at what most people describe traditional Taiwanese girls. They are usually quite humble and polite. Traditional Taiwanese girls are very family oriented. Surely, As a Taiwanese wife, she is loyal to her husband and will do what it needs to support the family.

Then let’s look at the modern Taiwanese girls, they are usually very sociable. They are pretty outgoing. Many of them receive good education and understand western culture. They are also very independent and won’t solely rely on their boyfriend or husband. Believe it or not, many of them are not hurry to have kids after getting married.

I am not going to debate with you which types of girls are better. After all, each girl is different and almost no one can exactly fit into one of those categories. Even though you can find one or two, but they are definitely in the minority.

The most important take-away here is you need to remember today Taiwanese women are not the same any more. The constant changing society made Taiwanese girls the different ones.

If you truly want to have a long term relationship with your girl, you need to change yourself as well.

Dating Hong Kong Girls

How to make Hong Kong Girls like you?

If you found the Hong Kong girl you like, congratulations! Now the fun part begins! How to make her like you, gradually?

No matter you met your Hong Kong girl online, or in person at HK. It really does not matter. The important thing is you should get to know your girlfriend gradually. Of course, each girlfriend is different. Some girl takes may take more time than others. You need to be patient.

Hong Kong women are famous for being studious, family oriented and very loyal to her boyfriend and husband. Despite the entire stereotype you may have for Asian women, you should have a plan that leads you to success. Let me explain.

1. Let her friends and family know who you are
As you can imagine, Hong Kong girls like to go out with their friends and family. For example, part of the Hong Kong culture is get together with colleagues after work. As a potential boyfriend, you should figure out who she spends time with and try to get into the events they have. Of course, let her friends and colleagues know how great you are. Give some “face” to your Hong Kong girl.

2. How to gain her confidence?
When you have a chance to talk to you Hong Kong girl in private, don’t waist it. Choose your words carefully. Show how much you like her. It’s also a good chance for you to get to know her better. If you are serious about the relationship, this is important.

3. Always treat your girlfriend equal
Never try to suppress her emotion. If you happy to have some argument, let he know what you see in this relationship. How you appreciate you found her as a life partner. If you are a really romantic guy, you can also try to write your girlfriend a email sometime. You will be surprised how happy she will be.

In the end, I do not want to generalize the Hong Kong girls as everyone is different. What you need to remember is try to appreciate every moment you have with her, plus a good common sense and you are going to the right direction. Good luck!

Top Beautiful Chinese Models

Chinese modeling has become somewhat unpopular within the West, even so as China’s worldwide status increased significantly, in an effort to open the Chinese industry, a growing range of Chinese models started to step into the global limelight, making even well-known names just like Du Juan to Lv Yan on T-Stage.

Listed here are the most popular Chinese models on the globe:

Lin Chi-ling 林志玲

This top model was born in the year 1974 in Taiwan. She is considered a proven top model within China. Her soft manner and natural beauty is what lead to her title “The First Face of Taiwan.” This top model, stolen the hearts of several men with her movies, modeling concerts, and commercials.

Gaile Lai 乐基儿

This stunning fashion show model of Hong Kong was born in 1980.She is also well-known as the all-so- sexy cover girl. With her sexy shape, stunning legs and delicious lips, Gaile Lai is so appealing and continues to be the cover model plenty of magazines including Marie Claire and Elle.

Du Juan 杜鹃

This fashion model with her global fame was born in 1982 in Shanghai. She is considered the first global Chinese super model. She was chosen as an international representative for five global fashion leaders, which includes YSL Rive Gauche, Louis Vuitton, Swarovski, Gap and Roberto Cavalli.

Lynn Hung 熊黛林

Xiong Dailin,also known as Lynn Hung and was born in 1980.She is a Chinese top model who is recognized for her superbly-shaped busts within Hong Kong’s modelling scene. Lynn is also popular for her excellent performing capabilities in Donnie Yen’s movie Ip Man and various other films.

Jennifer Tse 谢婷婷

Gorgeous and lovely Jennifer Tse Tingting was born in the year 1982.She is best known as a Hong Kong top model and actress. Jennifer is also the sister of popular celebrity Nicholas Tse. She models often for several fashion companies and occasions.

Patina Lin 林嘉绮

The all so sexy Patina Lin Jia-qi is a Taiwan super model and celebrity. With her attractive appearance and captivating figure, this lady has modeled for different global beauty items including YSL, Escada and Hermes.

Emma Pei 裴蓓

The super model Emma Pei is originally from Anhui Province where she was born in 1986. She’s also considered a globally famous supermodel and made an appearance in the Christian Dior Haute Couture fashion show as well as the Paris Fashion Week in the years 2007 & 2008.

Cica Zhou Wei Tong 周韦彤

This beautiful Chinese model Zhou Weit Tong was born in 1982.She is also a celebrity and a hostess. She won the title in The 6th China Model Star Competition in 2000 .After that she entered the amusement market in 2003. Individuals assume that her attractiveness is similar to Taiwanese model Lin Chi-ling.

Lv Yan 吕燕

Also known as; China’s most popular super model,Lv Yan with small-eyes, smooth-nose and full-lips, Lv is even regarded as hideous in Chinese aspects. However, she continues chasing her goal and eventually becomes a world-range model and frequently visits the catwalks of New York and Paris.

Chow Man Kei 周汶锜

The famous Hong Kong model and hostess, Kathy Chow Man-Kei was born in 1974.She started her modelling career in 1990.With her lovely visual appeal and slender figure, Kathy have been a well-known model in Hong Kong.

Most Beautiful Models in China

Xu Jinglei

Chinese model

Xu is a 40 year old movie director and popular celebrity of China. She’s very important and possesses unique legendary beauty to hold the eyes of her followers in one piece throughout her films and award shows. She has also won Beijing Movie Academy Award back in 1997.

Zhang Yuqi


Kitty is commonly known as Zhang Yugi. This gorgeous cat-looking lady of China came out as an actress in 2007 in a Hong Kong film. She is appealing and vibrant and possesses astounding performing skills. Kitty is too skilled and young, and only 27 years of age.

Jin Ye

Beautiful Chinese Model

The 26 year old Jin Ye is the all so popular bold and beautiful fashion model. She comes from Hebei, China and it is because of her incredibly wonderful persona and captivating physique that made this woman a popular contest on the globe. She had taken part in Miss China Contests also but was unable to win them. Then ultimately a day arrived when Jin won Miss Universe in Moscow in 2013.

Liu Yifei

Chinese model

Liu is a popular artist and feminine celeb of China. She’s commonly known as Crystal Liu.At only 11 years old, she entered the amusement market. She got excessive recognition not just in China but worldwide and continues to be one extremely prominent and stunning Chinese lady.

Fan Bingbing

Chinese Model

The popular 32 year old Fan Bingbing; is a musician and TV celebrity of China. She comes from Qingdao and is acknowledged for her attractive and stunning outlook. Her boyish structure and length give a plus to her degree of recognition. Fan is slender, intelligent and is an extremely enthusiastic woman.

Gao Yuanyuan

Beautiful Chinese model

At only 17 years old, Gao Yuanyuan joined the amusement world. She is currently 38 years old. Her gorgeous and deep eyes, her identity, boy pose and an adorable smile are simply enough aspects for making this woman recognized around the world. So far she has done plenty of films and TV advertisements in China.

Zhang Jingchu

Model from China

This highly interesting natural beauty of China has fascinated the eyes of thousands of TV audiences. She is considered one of Chinas most gorgeous ladies and certainly a famous Chinese fashion  model at the same time. She continues to be the brand ambassador of several beauty items and cosmetic products.

Zhou Xun

Beautiful model

Now at 40 years of age, Zhou the attractive Quzhou based celebrity continues to entertain the folks. She’s known to be an exceptional entertainer and a sophisticated and attractive lady of China.