Top Beautiful Chinese Models

Chinese modeling has become somewhat unpopular within the West, even so as China’s worldwide status increased significantly, in an effort to open the Chinese industry, a growing range of Chinese models started to step into the global limelight, making even well-known names just like Du Juan to Lv Yan on T-Stage.

Listed here are the most popular Chinese models on the globe:

Lin Chi-ling 林志玲

This top model was born in the year 1974 in Taiwan. She is considered a proven top model within China. Her soft manner and natural beauty is what lead to her title “The First Face of Taiwan.” This top model, stolen the hearts of several men with her movies, modeling concerts, and commercials.

Gaile Lai 乐基儿

This stunning fashion show model of Hong Kong was born in 1980.She is also well-known as the all-so- sexy cover girl. With her sexy shape, stunning legs and delicious lips, Gaile Lai is so appealing and continues to be the cover model plenty of magazines including Marie Claire and Elle.

Du Juan 杜鹃

This fashion model with her global fame was born in 1982 in Shanghai. She is considered the first global Chinese super model. She was chosen as an international representative for five global fashion leaders, which includes YSL Rive Gauche, Louis Vuitton, Swarovski, Gap and Roberto Cavalli.

Lynn Hung 熊黛林

Xiong Dailin,also known as Lynn Hung and was born in 1980.She is a Chinese top model who is recognized for her superbly-shaped busts within Hong Kong’s modelling scene. Lynn is also popular for her excellent performing capabilities in Donnie Yen’s movie Ip Man and various other films.

Jennifer Tse 谢婷婷

Gorgeous and lovely Jennifer Tse Tingting was born in the year 1982.She is best known as a Hong Kong top model and actress. Jennifer is also the sister of popular celebrity Nicholas Tse. She models often for several fashion companies and occasions.

Patina Lin 林嘉绮

The all so sexy Patina Lin Jia-qi is a Taiwan super model and celebrity. With her attractive appearance and captivating figure, this lady has modeled for different global beauty items including YSL, Escada and Hermes.

Emma Pei 裴蓓

The super model Emma Pei is originally from Anhui Province where she was born in 1986. She’s also considered a globally famous supermodel and made an appearance in the Christian Dior Haute Couture fashion show as well as the Paris Fashion Week in the years 2007 & 2008.

Cica Zhou Wei Tong 周韦彤

This beautiful Chinese model Zhou Weit Tong was born in 1982.She is also a celebrity and a hostess. She won the title in The 6th China Model Star Competition in 2000 .After that she entered the amusement market in 2003. Individuals assume that her attractiveness is similar to Taiwanese model Lin Chi-ling.

Lv Yan 吕燕

Also known as; China’s most popular super model,Lv Yan with small-eyes, smooth-nose and full-lips, Lv is even regarded as hideous in Chinese aspects. However, she continues chasing her goal and eventually becomes a world-range model and frequently visits the catwalks of New York and Paris.

Chow Man Kei 周汶锜

The famous Hong Kong model and hostess, Kathy Chow Man-Kei was born in 1974.She started her modelling career in 1990.With her lovely visual appeal and slender figure, Kathy have been a well-known model in Hong Kong.

Most Beautiful Models in China

Xu Jinglei

Chinese model

Xu is a 40 year old movie director and popular celebrity of China. She’s very important and possesses unique legendary beauty to hold the eyes of her followers in one piece throughout her films and award shows. She has also won Beijing Movie Academy Award back in 1997.

Zhang Yuqi


Kitty is commonly known as Zhang Yugi. This gorgeous cat-looking lady of China came out as an actress in 2007 in a Hong Kong film. She is appealing and vibrant and possesses astounding performing skills. Kitty is too skilled and young, and only 27 years of age.

Jin Ye

Beautiful Chinese Model

The 26 year old Jin Ye is the all so popular bold and beautiful fashion model. She comes from Hebei, China and it is because of her incredibly wonderful persona and captivating physique that made this woman a popular contest on the globe. She had taken part in Miss China Contests also but was unable to win them. Then ultimately a day arrived when Jin won Miss Universe in Moscow in 2013.

Liu Yifei

Chinese model

Liu is a popular artist and feminine celeb of China. She’s commonly known as Crystal Liu.At only 11 years old, she entered the amusement market. She got excessive recognition not just in China but worldwide and continues to be one extremely prominent and stunning Chinese lady.

Fan Bingbing

Chinese Model

The popular 32 year old Fan Bingbing; is a musician and TV celebrity of China. She comes from Qingdao and is acknowledged for her attractive and stunning outlook. Her boyish structure and length give a plus to her degree of recognition. Fan is slender, intelligent and is an extremely enthusiastic woman.

Gao Yuanyuan

Beautiful Chinese model

At only 17 years old, Gao Yuanyuan joined the amusement world. She is currently 38 years old. Her gorgeous and deep eyes, her identity, boy pose and an adorable smile are simply enough aspects for making this woman recognized around the world. So far she has done plenty of films and TV advertisements in China.

Zhang Jingchu

Model from China

This highly interesting natural beauty of China has fascinated the eyes of thousands of TV audiences. She is considered one of Chinas most gorgeous ladies and certainly a famous Chinese fashion  model at the same time. She continues to be the brand ambassador of several beauty items and cosmetic products.

Zhou Xun

Beautiful model

Now at 40 years of age, Zhou the attractive Quzhou based celebrity continues to entertain the folks. She’s known to be an exceptional entertainer and a sophisticated and attractive lady of China.

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